freeDB, LNK to upgrade script broken [] needed

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freeDB, LNK to upgrade script broken [] needed

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Hi there,

New to fidelio, but have been spending the past few weeks trying to understand historic board forums and google searches relating to updating of freedb in general and on hifidelio.

I believe i recreated the squashfs based [freedb.img] file for the 2018-08-01 database, including the including fuzzy index, but i know little about the fidelio file structure; so following the post:

I've understood that there is a script built by some one which is key to the update and will do the necessary install of this new db when placed in the import folder.

However all the links are now broken in the listed thread; presumably due to these being quite old, in addition the wiki is out of date so doesn't help.

So i'm after a copy of the script if anyone has a copy?

If i can get a copy of this and test working i will then post a new 'how to' on how to create the freedb.img and install as a complete guide if usefull.

Thanks in advance