Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...
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Autor:  mkstevo [ 11.05.2017 00:32 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...

Last week after a power cut, my Hifidelio would not start up, the disk just ticked and the library refused to load.

I was confident that the hard drive was faulty, it was the original disk that has been working non-stop since 2005. I replaced it and formatted it using one of the excellent tools from this site (HDReset?) and then copied all my music onto it from a back up taken from my iTunes library. The Hifidelio is once again working.

I noticed that the LCD display is now very dim, the backlight is not as bright as it should be and I've had no luck in replacing the LEDs for the backlight. (I have another HiFidelio with the same problem and I've tried without success to replace the backlight LEDs) Neither of the HiFidelio units work using ethernet (and haven't for many years now) meaning that files must be copied over WiFi. Sad times...

I'm starting to think the unthinkable and I'm wondering if it isn't time to replace the HiFidelio.

I've thought about an Olive but they don't seem to have the analog inputs for recording from vinyl which I still do from time to time. They also seem expensive.
I've thought about the Sony HAP-S1 but it doesn't have SPDIF out, only analog or speakers.
I've thought about a number of others, but none has the feature set of the HiFidelio.

The unit that comes closest that I've found is the Cocktail Audio (NOVAFiDELITY) X40. That seems to have almost everything I would like. It seems a little expensive but I could be tempted. The thing that is putting me off buying it is that a number of forums say that it is unreliable, and at the price I would want it to be near perfect, as the HiFidelio has for more than ten years.

Can anyone make any suggestions? Is everyone still using their HiFidelio, or have they too found something else now?

I still love my HiFidelio, I have enjoyed using it immensely, if I could get two replacement LCD displays, I'd keep them but I've been unable to find replacement displays and I think it is time to move on.

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Traurige mal in der Tat ...

Letzte Woche nach einem Stromausfall würde mein Hifidelio nicht anfangen, die Festplatte wurde gerade angekreuzt und die Bibliothek weigerte sich zu laden.

Ich war zuversichtlich, dass die Festplatte fehlerhaft war, es war die ursprüngliche Festplatte, die seit 2005 nonstop gearbeitet hat. Ich habe es ersetzt und es mit einem der hervorragenden Tools von dieser Seite (HDReset?) Formatiert und dann alle meine Musik kopiert Auf sie von einem back up genommen aus meiner iTunes-Bibliothek. Der Hifidelio arbeitet wieder.

Ich bemerkte, dass die LCD-Anzeige jetzt sehr dunkel ist, die Hintergrundbeleuchtung ist nicht so hell wie es sein sollte und ich hatte kein Glück, die LEDs für die Hintergrundbeleuchtung zu ersetzen. (Ich habe noch ein hohes HiFidelio mit dem gleichen Problem und ich habe ohne Erfolg versucht, die LEDs der Hintergrundbeleuchtung zu ersetzen) Keiner der HiFidelio-Geräte arbeitet mit ethernet (und seit vielen Jahren nicht) bedeutet, dass Dateien über WiFi kopiert werden müssen. Traurige Zeiten...

Ich fange an, das Undenkbare zu denken und ich frage mich, ob es nicht Zeit ist, das HiFidelio zu ersetzen.

Ich habe an eine Olive gedacht, aber sie scheinen nicht die analogen Eingänge für die Aufnahme von Vinyl zu haben, die ich immer noch von Zeit zu Zeit mache. Sie scheinen auch teuer zu sein.
Ich habe über die Sony HAP-S1 gedacht, aber es hat kein SPDIF, nur analog oder lautsprecher.
Ich habe über eine Anzahl von anderen nachgedacht, aber keiner hat die Funktion des HiFidelio.

Die Einheit, die am nächsten kommt, ist das Cocktail Audio (NOVAFiDELITY) X40. Das scheint fast alles zu haben was ich möchte Es scheint ein wenig teuer, aber ich könnte versucht werden. Die Sache, die mich aus dem Kauf bringt, ist, dass eine Reihe von Foren sagen, dass es unzuverlässig ist, und zu dem Preis möchte ich, dass es in der Nähe perfekt ist, wie die HiFidelio seit mehr als zehn Jahren hat.

Kann jemand irgendwelche Vorschläge machen? Ist jeder noch mit ihrem HiFidelio, oder haben sie auch jetzt etwas anderes gefunden?

Ich habe immer noch meine HiFidelio, ich habe es genossen, es unermesslich zu benutzen, wenn ich zwei Ersatz-LCD-Displays bekommen könnte, würde ich sie behalten, aber ich habe keine Ersatz-Displays gefunden und ich denke, es ist Zeit, weiterzumachen.

Autor:  Fidelmichi [ 11.05.2017 09:25 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...

Hi, (I try in english without the funny google-translator),

make no mistake: don't throw away a unique device like that! :!:

I'm a longtime HIFIDELIO-user, too, and I still do use it. 'Til today there's no other product available, which really compares to the functionality of the HIFIDELIO - except, as you mentioned, the cocktailaudio-products (for my part: I'm using the both of them, the HIFIDELIO and an cocktailaudio X30).
And, by the way, I did the same as you did, I have a second Hifidelio as backup-device for the worst case (which -fingers crossed- didn't appear to me yet).

So my proposal: look on the european used-machines-markets for a spare-machine, and -anyway- on this forum here you are on the right place, maybe someone here has to offer something for you!

:arrow: I just found this link of a german seller offering a used HIFIDELIO-Pro:
https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anz ... 2-172-2567

Good luck!

Greetings from just across the channel :-), Michael (Hamburg)

Autor:  mkstevo [ 12.05.2017 19:54 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...

Thank you for your suggestion of the Ebay HiFidelio. I'm reluctant to buy another used machine as I would be concerned that as it will be as old as the two that I already have, the hard disk, Ethernet ports and LCD will all be as old as my existing ones, and just as likely to go wrong. In the case of the Ethernet ports I'd be more surprised if they work.

A further problem I have is that my iMac struggles to connect to the HiFidelio for copying music into the import folder. I did post a message about a year ago where I outlined a script I have written for mounting the HiFidelio import folder, opening 'Terminal' and copying files using a script as I found that anything else was liable to cause the iMac to become totally unresponsive needing a hard reboot of both iMac and HiFidelio.

I'd like to keep the HiFidelio(s) as they are absolutely perfect for my needs, but I'm starting to wonder if it isn't time to let them go and replace them. I can't find anything that won't involve some compromises and cost me a lot of money. The CocktailAudio units are the nearest thing I've found and it may be that I take a chance on the X30 or X40.

If anyone has any better suggestions than the CocktailAudio (NOVAFiDELITY), I'd really like to hear them.

Thanks Fidelmichi for your reply.

Autor:  Fidelmichi [ 13.05.2017 12:51 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...


:arrow: there is one other "alternative" to the HIFIDELIO, its called "entotem plato", and it's "Made in Britain", you will find infos on the net; and for sure: you pay some more £ £ £. But up to now: the only machine with a nearly perfectly automated + functioning VINYL-RIPPING feature including tagging + cover-download! On top it's more than a music-Server, it's a one-box-media-center, storing + distributing also video-files to your tv-set, + with/without integrated stereo-power-amp.

Springtime this year I had the chance to see this machine + talk to the developers/distributors of the "entotem" during the annually HIFI-fair in Hamburg, it was impressive :shock: .

Meanwhile cocktailaudio is distributing a new firmware for their machines, which includes also this vinyl-ripping/tagging/cover-search-capability, bringing also older machines to this level :D ; it's just out, so there a no reports or test-results of this functionality to find on the net yet.

For those of us, like you + me, looking for these features, it's promising; the next days I will install it on my cocktailaudio X30 + check it out.

Greetings from Hamburg, Michael

Autor:  mkstevo [ 14.05.2017 16:51 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Traurige mal in der Tat ... Sad times indeed...


That again looks like a good unit, it does have pretty much all the flexibility of the HiFidelio. I'm not sure that I need the vinyl ripping automatic feature, once I've copied a vinyl album onto the HiFidelio I copy it to my iMac and use Audacity to cut it into individual tracks then import it into iTunes to add any MP3 tags and cover art before exporting it back out and into the HiFidelio library. This gives me consistent results for all music, across my HiFidelio, Android 'phones and Fiio music players.

For the budget I have, the NOVAFiDELITY Cocktail Audio looks a better buy.

I have enquired about buying a used Meridian Soolooos system. This looks as though it will cost as much or more used as the NOVAFiDELITY costs new, but it does look beautiful. I have also found the Pathos musiteca. It is again gorgeous looking, although costs around £6,000.00.

The Plato is now available as a 'Plato Lite' this costs around £2,250.00 {UK Pounds - May 2017}. Entotem have changed their name to Convert Technologies. The Plato Lite has no built in power amplifier or phono (vinyl) pre-amplifier.

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